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Josephine Wall

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http://www.josephinewall.co.uk/graphics/joportrait.jpg  Josephine Wall

   Born in: May 1947, Farnham, England;
   Live in: England;
   Live for: painting, sculptury, pottery, dress designing, murals, painting furniture and gardening;
   Books: "The Fantasy World of Josephine Wall" (published by Josephine Wall Art and Courtyard of Romance Publishing in 2005);
   Web-site: josephinewall.com.


Flight of Aquarius

Soaring high above the clouds, a girl rides the Pegasus Unicorn, her hair flowing in the breeze created by the gentle beating of his wings. Together they follow the rainbow of hope as it leads them into a future of peace and love for all.


The Discovery

Paddling in a secret and magical cove, a beautiful young woman makes an amazing find. Stooping low to investigate a huge conch shell, she is amazed to find a never-ending refelection of herself, as if in a series of mirrors. Looking more closely she discovers that in each reflection she is transported to a different land. Does she dare to enter and investigate?


Astral Voyage

As she sleeps, she dreams she's floating among the stars. Her silken sheets become clouds, and the clouds contain the spirits of the heavens. Below her, great galleons sail majestically on the currents of space to explore the universe.


Lady of the Lake

King Arthur in his final moments charged his faithful knight Sir Bedivere to throw his trusty sword 'Excalibur' into the lake. As he cast his sword into the air a silvery arm rises to meet it. The arm, of a beautiful lady. Drifting slowly, her hair gathers fallen leaves and water lilies before finally sinking out of sight.


Call of the Sea

From deep below the waves a beautiful goddess rises from her watery home, to blow her enchanted conch shell.

As she plays, a stream of nautical wonders pour forth. Mermaids and seahorses swim among a myriad of fish heading for the ocean depths, accompanied by playful dolphins.

The mighty city of Atlantis is found again and galleons once more set off on their journeys of discovery.


The Butterfly Princess

Soaring high above a fantastic landscape, Princess Jasmine goes for a ride in her blue rose chariot, towed by the gentle beating of butterfly wings. Accompanied by many of her colourful friends she travels in search of adventure in some distant land. The soft folds of her crinoline gown echo the delicate petals of the rose.


Space Maid

Swimming amongst myriad planets, the space maid makes her way majestically through the galaxies, scattering stars, that will twinkle in the skies of untold worlds.


Love is in the Air

Dancing in the moonlight the lovers are transported to a world of their own. The moon becomes a glittering mirror-ball scattering rainbow stars to light up their cloudy ballroom. When love is in the air all things are possible!


Thirst for Knowledge

Contained within a single dewdrop tear is a world of education. Mother nature dips her hands into the pool of learning, and as she opens them a mother is revealed bestowing the most precious of gifts to her child – knowledge. The young have a thirst for information which must be fed, and lessons that we learn in youth will map our route through life.



Guided by a star-angel, the star ship makes it's way to a magical land of giant lilies and mystical castles. A tattooed goddess reaches out to greet her visitor from the 'galaxsea'.


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An Even Smaller World

At the bottom of an enchanted garden, an inquisitive fairy child peeps into a convolvulus flower only to discover a wondrous new world where the inhabitants are even smaller than she. Inside the blossom, the mermaid and woman are immersed in their own little universe, completely unaware of their fairy spectator.Like these enchanted beings, we are living in our own little world within other worlds, and what is large and small ultimately depends on how we look at life.


Ferry to Fairyland

The little fairy nestles safely in her delicate leaf craft and dreams of her busy day on her journey back to fairyland. With magical candles to light her way, she is gently carried home along rainbow currents. All around her water spirits are hiding as they watch over and protect their sleeping friend.


Time Flies

As the spirit of wild flowers, wrapped in her countryside cloak, gently blows soft breezes to encourage the 'nature's clocks' to spread their seeds across the land, each little seed is transformed into a tiny fairy.The soft down becomes their delicate wings as they are borne on the wind to far off places to carry out their vital task, spreading the seed of hope far and wide.A new generation is 'borne' on the wind to continue life's cycle, as it has been, and will be for all time.Often when children see a dandelion seed go floating by they exclaim in great excitement "Look! A fairy - a fairy"!


Where Moonbeams Fall

In the soft muted colours of the night, the ethereal fairy dances among the moonbeams, scattering stardust in her play. Serenity and inner joy are reflected in the radiance of her expression and the lightness of her fairy ballet as she dances in communion with the universe.



Hearn pulls back the curtain on an enchanted forest scene. A beautiful Celtic tree nymph holds a chalice of hope with its raindow vapours drifting down to a waiting winged centaur.

His mission will be to carry her hopes and aspirations to all the woods and forests of the world. A message that will assure them that they have her love and support as they continue to enhance and beautify our planet. A playful fairy is drawn to the magic of the moment.


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No More

"Progress" - Man's word to excuse the disgraceful abuse of our precious world.
"Gaia" has watched from afar, hoping that the trustees of this world would come to their senses, and finally unable to bear the destruction any more, the "Earth Goddess" returns to force back the advancing darkness. Some animals flee in terror whilst others shelter beneath her life giving mantel. The battle to restore beauty is joined.
"No more" will she allow mans blindness, greed and intolerance to pervade this planet. As she strides purposefully forward, nature's beauty is once again restored.
Let this be a lesson to us all!


Breath of Gaia

Gaia, the Greek Goddess, is Mother Earth, the bringer of life and beauty. Where Gaia breathes, she brings new life to a sleeping earth. Renewal springs forth along Gaia's every path.


Rainbow Girl 2

Mother Nature performs her dance of life with one foot in the flowers and the other in the stars. As she floats the rainbow of hope behind her, she promises our world will always have her protection.


Iris - Keeper of the Rainbow

Throughout the ages, the rainbow has been the symbol of hope, a promise of better things to come. The ancient Greeks personified the rainbow as the goddess Iris, the favourite handmaiden and messenger of Hera, the queen of the heavenly court of Olympus. Carried by her shimmering wings, Iris travels so swiftly that mortals can see only the trail of her rainbow-coloured passage across the sky.


My Lady Unicorn

All Unicorns are special creatures with magical powers beyond our imagination, but on a distant world lives a species called ladycorns! These beautiful and mysterious beings are able to communicate either by voice or with an array of musical sounds created by a harp like growth on their forehead. Their world is one of tranquillity and peace where nature is revered and the balance of the universe is maintained.


Spirit of Winter

Once again the beautiful spirit is called upon to complete the cycle of nature by creating a winter wonderland. As she moves across the landscape adorning trees and plants with their winter dressing she helps an eager assistant to paint leaves with frost. Children play in the snow and ice, blissfully unaware of the miracle that is unfolding before them. When her work is complete she will move on making room for the spirit of Spring to follow in her icy wake.


Sadness of Gaia

The Earth Goddess looks on sadly, aware that our human weaknesses will mean many years of education to prevent the ruin of our precious world.
The contents of her wings symbolise all the creatures that need protection. As always "Gaia" will be there to listen and to comfort, bringing with her the rainbow of hope.
The clouds are gathering around our world but she knows she must be strong and work to rectify mans errors, in the belief that he will one day understand that our precious earth deserves our protection.
Let us hope that one day soon "Gaia" will look upon the earth and be satisfied that her lessons have been learnt!


The Presence of Gaia

As a new dawn approaches Gaia emerges from our sleeping planet. The radiance of her aura lights up the heavens and her 'presence' gives confidence to the birds and animals to venture forth, secure in the knowledge that she will protect them. A river of life flows out to all corners of the earth, renewing and restoring. What greater 'present' could she give us!


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Bridge of Hope

Sometimes following a period of intense and detailed work, requiring a high degree of concentration, I feel the need to 'let myself go'. "Bridge of Hope" is a painting of this type, where I have no pre-conceived ideas, but rather a collection of spontaneous thoughts, which lead to the eventual composition. Without a deliberate central theme, it becomes whatever the viewer wishes it to be; and is open to many varied interpretations. In fact, I allow the painting to paint itself.
  For example the hands forming a bridge across the river were initially not connected to the face in the sky, but later when I decided to paint her shoulder, suddenly, one of them became her hand. The little girl was nearly riding a bear or an elephant, but finally it had to be a deer. I have a lot of fun creating strange, surrealistic worlds where some images appear to be larger than life, such as the humming bird, flowers, ferns and hands, whilst others such as St. Michaels Mount and the couple floating along the river in the boat are much smaller.
  A world where the mind can roam freely, to the extent of the imagination. One interpretation could be, that mother nature is holding out the hand of hope to mankind, forming a bridge, which if we choose to cross will allow us to live at one with nature, and share the responsibility for ensuring the well being of the earth and all its wonders.


Sweet Synergy

Gently cradled in her feathery wing, the goddess links her energy with the male and female of humankind, creating a labyrinth, which represents the many twists and turns of life. Spiralling downward, a staircase leads to the entrance of another world, where romance and tranquillity eternally dance. When minds are joined in this fashion, a perfect synergy is created, leading to spiritual growth and vital transformation.


Soul of a Unicorn

In a world filled with adversity the unicorn symbolises all that is pure, gentle and loyal. She travels to all corners of the earth, with blankets of flowers springing up wherever she treads. She helps those who are sick in body or mind with a touch of her healing horn. She weaves a special magic to influence our hearts to do good, and to give us the desire to help others, and fill us with joy at the beauty of our planet.


Reflections of Winter

Luxuriating in the warmth of a long spring day, surrounded by natures bounty, she looks into the mirror and catches a glimpse of an icy wonderland. Perhaps it's a parallel world or just an alternative moment in time where two seasons exist simultaneously. The coolness of the reflection helps to relieve from the heat of the day, just like the wonderful coolness of an ice-cube in your mouth.



Alighting from her craft on the river of dreams, the girl is faced with a wondrous sight. Illuminated by candlelight she is thrilled to find an enchanted grotto full of tempting paths, each one leading to a new adventure. Which one should she take?



Some things should never be said out loud, and when two friends get together there are always stories to be told, but only in whispers.

Why do we love to whisper? Does it add another dimension to the story and make it even more intriguing because we know we shouldn't tell?


  Over the Moon

  As the moon sets into a sky filled with the shimmering colours of the Aurora Borealis, ascending a magical spiral staircase she takes a giant leap over the moon. A mystical creature – part owl and part deer lights her way with it’s candle antlers.
  Where is her missing shoe?


Gypsy Moth

Encouraged by the haunting sounds of the man in the moon on his guitar, the beautiful gypsy moth beats her wings to the rhythm of flamenco. Her partner takes her in his arms and moves in time to the beat of the gypsy rhythm.


The Magic Spinning Top

  Amongst a box of toys in Grandma's attic the boys have found a spinning top, and as they begin to make it turn they just can't believe their eyes. They look on in wonder and delight as sparks of magic begin to whirl from the top and take the form of their every thought.
  Characters from their books emerge from the enchanted cloud of stars. Wizard Ho-Ho, a playful fairy, a dragon with dragonfly wings and a flying cat, even their old broken rocking horse comes to life. A prince on a dolphin beckons them to join him on an adventure into the wonderful world of their imagination.


Alternative Reality

Life is full of choices! Having stepped into a mysterious mirror portal, her reflection is caught between two worlds and she must decide to which reality she belongs. Should she enter the hurly- burly of Victorian London street life that feels so familiar to her, and yet so distant? Or perhaps the eerie neglected buildings are all that remain of a palace where once she was a princess. The indecision is yours!



Life! Where did we come from? Where are we going? Out of the vastness of space a sequence of events beginning with the tiniest of life forms ignites the spiral of evolution. Through fish, plants, animals and birds the path eventually leads to mankind. A pool of life bringing water cascades from the treetops to form a pathway to a bright and hopeful future.


Fantasy Wedding

  At a fantasy wedding there is no need of a limousine when the bride can arrive on a pure white unicorn, and the groom on a powerful striped mount.
  With attendants from the jungles and plains, the happy young couple set out on their journey through life together, surrounded by all the things that have meant so much to them. What a magical day, one never to be forgotten!


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